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Offboarding Support

In dealing with the COVID-19 global pandemic and its impact, we have been faced with difficult workforce decisions. This is an unsettling time, and we understand you will have questions about timing of current benefits as well as next steps. The information below is a summary to help answer some questions you might have during Offboarding. Once you have reviewed the information here, we encourage you to schedule an individual appointment with our HR Team so that we may review your information in further detail.  

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Counseling Support

  • How do I access my Delta Dental online account?
    You can access your plan information, including your benefit card(s), by creating an online account on the Delta Dental website. Please CLICK HERE to create your online account. If you are at a dentist appointment and do not have your card with you, simply give your date of birth, SSN and name to the provider and they will be able to locate you on the Delta Dental Network. Additional Plan Information Group number: 2795 Division Codes Mayor/City Council: 01001 SEIU: 01002 Management/Confidential: 01003 PAPOA: 01004 IAFF: 01005 FCA: 01006
  • Benefit Guide and Enrollment/Change Forms
    To learn more about the dental benefits, please refer to the link below Benefit Plan Information and Summary Sheet To enroll in or update your Dental benefit, please refer to the link below Benefit Enrollment/Change Form
  • Cost to enroll in the dental plan?
    There is no per pay period cost to you and your dependents to enroll in the core dental benefit plan. You are only responsible for fees incurred while seeking services. See the plan summary guide above.
  • Who's Covered?
    You and your dependents are eligible to be covered under the medical plan. Eligible Dependents include: Spouse Children Domestic Partners
  • When does my coverage start?
    Your coverage will begin on the first day of the following month in which you turn in all your paperwork. You have 60 days from the date of the life event to turn in your completed paperwork.
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Additional resources regarding Benefit Plan 

continuation of coverage

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